What is the fudge made from?

This is traditional fudge made with 3 base ingredients - demerara sugar, sweetened condensed milk and butter.  Individual flavourings are added together with salt, fruit, nuts and alcohol where appropriate.

Is your fudge gluten free?

With the exception of Biscoff Crumb and vegan all our fudge is gluten free.

How much is in a portion?

Each portion is 100g which, dependent on the fudge, is approximately 7-10 pieces.


How should I store my fudge?

In a cool place, preferably in an airtight bag to retain its softness but some people do prefer more solid, crumbly fudge - in which case leave the air to get to it!  You can store it in the fridge if cold fudge is your nirvana and it will also freeze but its happy place is a cool dry place.  

Do you make a vegan fudge?

Yes! All dairy free products are made with the highest regard for allergies.  Each batch is made with utensils which are only used for non dairy fudge to avoid cross contamination.  (It is however made in a kitchen that makes dairy fudge).

Can I collect my fudge from you?

By all means.  There is an option at checkout to collect.  It is usually available within 24 hours, often sooner all I ask that you call me to arrange a time to call by.

Are there any allergens?

Yes.  The fudge is made from milk and butter and some have nuts added.  Even if no nuts are added it still may contain nuts due to being made in the same environment.  Standard fudge is gluten free however.

Dairy free fudge is made with utensils solely for this kind of fudge however it is not gluten free due to being made with oat cream.