Vegan fudge and the Goldilocks effect😂

With the launch of Fudgeology came a lot of people requesting vegan and dairy free fudge.  Now I don’t mind telling you that I have tried this a few times and it had become my nemesis, I mean, this stuff was so 'Princessey’ that If you even stirred it anti-clockwise it went wrong😂 But with my trusty focus group at hand I have spent this week trying to get it right.  This one is too gritty.  This one is too soft. Over and over like a confectionary version of Groundhog Day until...finally...this one is JUST RIGHT!

So for anyone with a dairy allergy this is the fudge for you.  Containing no dairy whatsoever (and made using equipment used solely for this purpose) it’s sure to bring more than a little joy to your lips!

On sale 9am 7th August 2020 I will be making only 2-3 small batches at a time and rotate the flavours so when they are sold out, they’re sold out till next time.


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