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Happy New Year

And good riddance to the old one eh? Seriously if you'd have told me at the start of 2020 that I would end it up to my ears in fudge, sending boxes of it all over the country and having my husband delivering it all over Nottingham like some weird fudge Santa Claus I'd have frankly peed my pants laughing.    It was a pretty miserable year but I was fortunate to bump my head on making something that people liked and that I really loved making.  I've gained some very loyal customers along the way, some fantastic businesses which have supported me by stocking it in their own shops or ventures and I have loved reading the feedback from...

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Where did it all begin?

So it's March, its lockdown, the world has gone mad, I'm isolating at home in Woodborough with family and shielding my young son who is high risk. Meanwhile my mother in law in Burton Joyce is also shielding so we formulate a plan between the whole family to keep her fed and begin a sort of meals on wheels.  All is well, an extra plate here and there but after a few weeks she tires of my cooking (and I can't blame her!) and she starts eating less and less of the meals I make.  We rack our brains and try to think of ways in which we can get energy into her more easily I start with baking cakes...

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